a peer-reviewed cumulative database of international writing research, 2000-present

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Search ButtonThe first edition of REx, REx 1, contains more than 80 individual reports, each detailing a separate study of writing. Each report includes six sections: general information, principal investigators, project team and support, study details, reflections and outcomes, and related files. You can search REx using a variety of criteria, including specific types of study, research methods employed, and so on. You can also view all projects as well as a list of projects with IRB approval.

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Contribute ButtonREx supports the exchange of information about the often invisible aspects of research. It also helps researchers at any stage of their careers to receive recognition for that work. Peer-reviewed REx reports are both searchable and citable. Since contributors themselves decide what to report, IRB and/or other institutional restrictions can be met. Importantly, REx reports do not duplicate other types of publication, including graduate theses. Instead, REx reports are a complementary form of scholarship.

Join researchers from around the world at any career stage who contribute to REx. Report on ongoing and completed writing research conducted at any site (e.g., classrooms, writing centers, workplaces, community settings, online environments).

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About ButtonREx is similar to an imprint of a large publisher. Operating under the auspices of the WAC Clearinghouse, REx receives reports on contemporary writing research from active researchers, and periodically REx peer-reviews and publishes those reports online through a searchable database that enables users to search for models, methods, and collaborators.

REx reports are a unique scholarly genre. Distinct from long-form articles, book chapters, and books, which tend to focus on research findings, REx reports are short and focused on the process of research (i.e., project design and staffing, funding, researcher reflections).

To learn more about REx, visit our site information pages, which include an overview and brief history of this project, information about the people involved in it, and responses to frequently asked questions.